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FHWA's Selected Alternative

Alternative 4 Modified - Interchange Roundabouts with
Local and Relocated US 219


FHWA's Selected Alternative will:
  • Reduce potential congestion, travel time, and safety concerns by creating a new roadway that separates through truck traffic from local traffic along existing US 219

  • Support local and regional growth because it allows for planned economic development to complement the existing community

  • Not preclude a connection to any future US 219 improvements to Meyersdale, PA

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) has minimized impacts to wetlands, streams, floodplains and cultural resources sites by the location and speed of the new roadway, and the lane widths. MDOT SHA will provide mitigation for unavoidable environmental impacts to cultural resources, wetlands, streams and floodplains. Relocation assistance will be provided for the displacements.

The US 219 Improvement project is a stand-alone project within the corridor selected in the July 2016 Planning and Environment Linkages study for the project between I-68 in MD and Meyersdale, PA.