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SHA's Preferred Alternative

Alternative 4 Modified - Interchange Roundabouts with
Local and Relocated US 219

Concept 2Following the Joint Public Hearing on February 6, 2017, SHA continued to refine the alternatives based on impacts to the community, natural and cultural resources, and coordination with citizens, business owners, and environmental resource agencies. The Project Team identified an improvement to Alternative 4 and replaced the existing intersection at the I-68 eastbound exit and entrance ramps with a single-lane roundabout. The addition of this roundabout would ensure continuous traffic flow along the corridor, reduce conflict points, and improve mobility. With this modification, Alternative 4 has been renamed Alternative 4 Modified.

Alternative 4 Modified would
  • Reduce potential congestion, travel time, and safety concerns by creating a new roadway that separates through truck traffic from local traffic along existing US 219

  • Best support local and regional growth because it allows for planned economic development to complement the existing community

  • Allow motorists to maintain a consistent high speed while traveling between the roundabouts at I-68 and the tie-in point with existing US 219 near the proposed Casselman Farm Development site and Old Salisbury Road.

  • Allow greater flexibility in providing a connection to any future US 219 improvements to Meyersdale, PA.

Although Alternative 4 Modified would have impacts to streams, wetlands, forests, and historic properties, it would require fewer residential and business displacements than Alternative 2 and the same number as Alternative 3. Much of the required land would be unused agricultural fields and open space located east of existing US 219. The estimated cost for Alternative 4 Modified is approximately $70 million.